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Address of restaurant and café: Tihany, Batthyányi u 3.

GPS: N46.91539 fok, E017.88626 fok

Telephone: +3670-2846705, +3670-4130391

Tel/fax: +3687-448-617


Event managment Tihany:

telefon: +36 70 284 67 05

Fax: +36 87 448 617

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A hírlevél üzemeltetője:

Programmes at Balaton

Programmes on the Lake – according to your wishes:

In our yard we recall the traditions of old times, we hold Hungarian folk-song nights, when you can listen to those well-known, but a bit forgotten songs.

Tihanyi tájThe spontaneous horse-shoeings are also successful. Our horse-herd enters on horseback and orders the scribbling and shoeing of his horse, that is done immediately with hot iron. Anybody can take part in this work, but it requires strength and good nerves.

A teenage girl offers a pony-show with her pony-horse, and the brave children have a chance to ride the pony or just make friend with it. Sometimes we have a chance to stroke a young ass, but it also depends on the mother ass' mood.

Elderly women bake bread in the crested oven. According to old receipts, the bread is raised with leaven, kneaded in wooden hutch, and put into the wooden-heated oven after a while. The bread is ready to eat for our guests in about twenty minutes.

Our light opera nights are also successful. Our gipsy band makes music every evening in the high season, and every weekend in the low season.

Our friend from Szeged, Bozsó Antal is also successful with his music on his hurdy-gurdy, making the songs especially enjoyable with his strange pronunciation from Szeged.

The folk-dance group of the local primary school also entertains the guests with success.

There are wedding ceremonies in the yard with 120-130 participants, with a master of ceremony – the bridesman – and according to the traditions, of course. The young couple and the guests arrive to the restaurant on horse-carriages, they are offered with pálinka at the entrance, the bridesman makes a speech, and we let out 100 pigeons, having an unbelievable effect on the spectaculars. The wedding celebration begins with lots of surprises – these cannot be mentioned here.

We also arrange birthday, name-day parties, valediction parties, firm-meetings, business meetings, New Year's Eve parties.

Our management group works on new ideas permanently, so surprises can be there any time.

We are pleased to get invitations mainly in connection with keeping old traditions of peasant life.