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Address of restaurant and café: Tihany, Batthyányi u 3.

GPS: N46.91539 fok, E017.88626 fok

Telephone: +3670-2846705, +3670-4130391

Tel/fax: +3687-448-617


Event managment Tihany:

telefon: +36 70 284 67 05

Fax: +36 87 448 617

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Catering in Tihany

Étterem belülrõlI must admit, our connection to catering is accidental. Once upon a time, there was our decision to show our respect to the past, to the diligent servants and peasants of our historical village. Then came the recognition of the need for a complete wine cellar besides the ethnic collection of the museum. This idea was helped by the famous Tihany wine, too. So the cellar was built…

But, wine is an appetizer, so we got really hungry of the dilemma – this is how we got the restaurant plans ready in our mind. We drilled and carved and renovated again. The result is "Régi idõk udvara" (yard of old times) restaurant, with all the characteristics and furniture of he medieval times. Our menu is also full of original Hungarian meals and traditional Hungarian drinks, so in our restaurant you can resist modern fashionable eating habits.

Étlap fábólWe serve home-made beer, with an unforgettable taste. We collect the fruit ourselves for the pálinka (eg. elderberry, cornel, red currant, hawthorn, mulberry etc). Kids can try elderberry, raspberry, black currant syrup here. Our main courses contain pork, chicken and turkey, garnishes consist of potatoes and mush. You can see our menu on this picture. Most of our meals, such as the smoked-boiled trotters, are prepared in the furnace, which also makes our famous patty with cottage cheese and dill unforgettable. You can also find fish dishes here, all of the fish picked from Lake Balaton. We have got "fishbread" here, a special meal, which got its name from the importance of the role of fish in the inhabitants' lives.

Lavender is also an important plant of the peninsula, so this herb cannot be missed from among our spices. Its unique flavour makes our meals so unforgettable.

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