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Address of restaurant and café: Tihany, Batthyányi u 3.

GPS: N46.91539 fok, E017.88626 fok

Telephone: +3670-2846705, +3670-4130391

Tel/fax: +3687-448-617


Event managment Tihany:

telefon: +36 70 284 67 05

Fax: +36 87 448 617

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About ourselves

I was lucky to be born in Tihany. I didn't recognise this luck until I grew up. It was evident to skate on the lake or swim in Balaton as I liked. I could endlessly talk about the possibilities in Tihany. I don't think I could ever live anywhere else. We, my wife, our children and me, think it is the heart of the country.

Arriving the village from any direction, seeing the church - guarding it in the past centuries- fills our hearts with warmth and satisfaction. This is why we think, here we should create something durable, enriching this village and raise its reputation. We think, we have reached our goal with this yard. This feeling is enlarged by the positive reactions and the nice gestures we get permanently. In my opinion the inhabitants of the village are helpful, friendly to the visitors, everybody wishes to make hospitality better here.


Address of the café and restaurant: Tihany, 3, Batthyányi street

Telephone number: 36 70-2846705, +3670-4130391

Telephone/Telefax: 36 87 448-617